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Welcome to Best of the Ballparks 2022 fan vote for summer-collegiate ballparks! You don't need to login to vote: Just click on your preferences. Please sign up to be notified of vote results; entering your email address will automatically add you to the twice-weekly Ballpark Digest newsletter list.

We did not seed the 64 ballparks in the 2022 Best of the Ballparks vote. Instead, we compiled a master list of 115 contenders. (Yes, 115 contenders makes for a large list, but it could have been larger: We run a separate contest of the 16 ballparks in the two leagues with direct MLB ties, the Appalachian League and MLB Draft League.) After trimming that master list to 64 strong contenders, we randomly generated the brackets, resulting in this lineup, so ignore the brackets. If your favorite summer-collegiate ballpark did not make the cut, our apologies in advance: given how many fine facilities are out there, inevitably tough decisions need to be made, but rest assured we agonized over the 64-ballpark final list.

The schedule for the 2022 Summer Collegiate Best of the Ballparks vote:

Round 1: Completed
Round 2: Completed
Round 3: Completed
Round 4: Completed
Round 5: Completed
Round 6: Completed

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This bracket has ended
This bracket has ended.